Autonational (Roadside)

Vehicle Breakdown

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Autonational (Roadside)

This policy offers the basic elements of roadside cover our Autonational Rescue – UK Roadside Breakdown Assistance Company provides.

By purchasing roadside cover policy, you can feel safe in the knowledge that any legal driver of the vehicle will benefit from the following roadside cover benefits.

Call out / recovery up to 10 miles
We will arrange for a recovery agent to assist you in any breakdown that is further than a one mile radius from your home. Should your vehicle not be able to be fixed at the roadside we will arrange for the vehicle and up to five passengers to be transported to a garage within a ten mile radius.

Emergency Message Service
We can arrange to pass on an emergency message to a family member or colleague to help ease the stress of the situation.

Loss of Keys
This package covers the eventuality of you misplacing your ignition keys and needing roadside assistance.

Accident, Theft and Vandalism
In addition to roadside breakdown assistance, this policy covers you if your vehicle is rendered immobile as a result of an accident, theft or vandalism.

Vehicle Cover
The vehicle itself is fully covered meaning any legal driver using the car will benefit from the cover provided by your Autonational breakdown policy.

50% Discount for Second Car
Eligible for a 50% discount should you need to cover a second car registered at the same address as the primary vehicle when purchased at the same time.

All policies have full access to our team of over 1,200 specialist recovery operators 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Join today!

Autonational are owned by Right Choice Insurance Brokers (RCIB), an Essex based insurer authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Full Terms and Conditions and details of Autonational Rescue cover can be found here.


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